In a move that sent hearts atwitter in the fanboy community, director Guillermo del Toro spoke about the anticipated Hellboy sequel while in Manhattan promoting his latest film (Pan's Labyrinth). The long awaited sequel to 2004's Hellboy has been wasting away in development -- well, hell. Universal Studios has now come to the rescue and is going to be the new home of Mike Mignola's stubby horned anti-hero.

Now you would think that would be enough to get everyone's attention, but del Toro wasn't done. The director went on to drop a few bombs about what he had in mind for the sequel "My hope is that if everything goes well and we continue [the franchise], Hellboy can start fighting the Universal monsters! I would love to see that." -- why am I getting flashbacks to The Monster Squad? del Toro is quick to point out that he wants to use the classic Universal monsters and is not interested in "modernizing" them.

So before we all start arguing over who's going to win in a fight between Hellboy and Dracula, its probably best to take this news lightly. Guillermo del Toro isn't committing to anything yet -- "We talked briefly about this because I think it is such a great possibility for the future, to do that either in the animated universe or in another universe we create just for that. ..." Man, what a tease.

[via IGN]
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