Let them insert captions! It's only two weeks into this new contest of ours, and the people have spoken: Nothing beats a good fart joke to get you through the workday, or schoolday or, um, sit-on-your-ass-and-watch-Springer-day.

Well, we had a plethora of good fart jokes in last week's round of Insert Caption for 'The Grudge 2.' And while it may make us look juvenile and tasteless, the clear-cut winner just happens to be one such flatulent-minded entry. Dcboo12, you dared to make us LOL while others merely had us haha-ing. Congrats on the winning caption below:

The Grudge 2 movie

Damn I just farted and now these two freaks are dying!!!!!!

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Now show us what you got. Check out this still of Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Coppola's stylish fantasy bio 'Marie Antoinette.' Keep it clean, and remember, fart jokes are soooo last week...

Marie Antoinette movie

GET IT: Watch Dunst/Schwartzman Unscripted

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