Diane Lane, one of the most versatile and interesting actresses working in Hollywood today (and also quite a looker) has just signed on to star in the thriller Untraceable for Sony-based Screen Gems. The film will be directed by Gregory Hoblit, who also helmed Fallenwith Denzel Washington and the upcoming Fracturewith Anthony Hopkins.

Untraceable, which centers around an FBI cybercop who races against time to track down a ruthless online predator before it's too late, will be written by Allison Burnett -- based on an original screenplay by Robert Fyvolent and Mark R. Brinker (boy that's a mouthful, eh? gotta love the Writer's Guild and their rules). Untraceable is not the fist time Lane has graced the screen in a genre project like this. She has also appeared in such films as Knight Moveswith Christopher Lambert, Murder at 1600 with action star and alleged tax-evader Wesley Snipes and the upcoming thriller Killshot, directed by John Madden and co-starring Thomas Jane and Mickey Rourke. She has also in one other recent genre film, although she might rather forget that particular experience -- the dreadful Sylvester Stallone starrer Judge Dredd. Maybe she didn't have a choice and had to do the film? After all, Stallone is the law.

Anyway, no word yet on additional casting, when shooting is expected to start or if this movie will be any good at all but Lane has a nack for picking good projects -- including the recent Hollywoodland and The Perfect Storm --- and Gregory Hoblit as an accomplished director of this type of taut, suspenseful thriller, so this project might be worth checking out once it reaches theaters sometime next year.
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