Okay, so here is where I show my age ... which is none of your business thank you very much. I am not at all familiar with the Bratz dolls, other than the fact that they look like underage hookers and have really disproportionate heads and bodies. But, since little girls seem to love them, there are already magazines, albums, a TV show and now a live-action movie on the way.

Back in May, Erik reported on the live-action film which is being put together by MGA Entertainment and Crystal Sky Pictures, but a director had not yet signed on. However, it was announced on Tuesday that Sean McNamara (Raise Your Voice) would hop onboard and take over helming duties on the project. The screenplay follows Yasmin, Ari, Cloe, and Jade bonding over social pressures at Lewis & Clark High School -- it sort of sounds like Mean Girls, except with no actual point. I mean they're dolls, people! I always thought Barbie was a bit of a "good time girl" but these gals dress like Soul Train dancers and wear as much makeup as a Vegas cocktail waitress. Yeah, it's kind of disturbing.

Production is set to begin this February.

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