A Christmas StoryI was one of the dozen people who actually saw A Christmas Story in a movie theater in 1983 when the movie was first released. I was just the right age to have read a bunch of Jean Shepherd's stories and wanted to see the adaptation. I liked the film well enough, but over the years, I've watched everyone go ga-ga over the movie. If you are a big fan of Ralphie and his family -- and I know some of you out there sit through a surprisingly large portion of TNT's annual 24-hour marathon of the film -- perhaps you might want to include Cleveland in your future travel plans.

Although A Christmas Story is set in a small Indiana town, the film was shot in Cleveland and Ontario. The Cleveland house that was used as the Parkers' family home is currently being restored to match the 1940s look of the movie as much as possible. The new owner, Ralph Brian Jones, also bought a house across the street to use as a museum that will feature memorabilia from the 1983 film. Naturally, the museum will include a gift shop, in case you need a Red Ryder BB gun, bunny pajamas or a leg-shaped lamp. No word yet on whether the attraction includes a pack of neighborhood dogs that will periodically storm through the house.

According to TMZ, Jones is a big fan of the movie who started a business selling copies of the film's notorious leg lamps, which have helped fund the house's restoration. (My siblings and I have been very tempted to buy one for my parents, but so far we've been restrained by good taste.) The restored house/museum will open on Nov. 25, just in time for the holidays. Actors from the film will be on hand for the grand opening. The Christmas Story House project has its own website if you want more details for your next vacation.
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