Following in the tradition of such Pakistani horror films as ... umm, OK gimme a sec here ...

Well, just because I can't name a horror film from Pakistan doesn't mean there aren't any, but however many may have come before, Zibahkhana (Hell's Ground) is the latest. This project has caught my interest specifically because it is being co-produced by Mondo Macabro, a UK-based DVD company that has released such magnificently bizarre examples of world cinema as Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay, For Your Height Onlyand Lady Terminator. And who better to co-produce a film about a zombie plague than Mondo Macabro's partner in this venture, Bubonic Films. The film is being directed by first-timer Omar Khan, who is a film historian and owner of a chain of ice cream shops.

The hot and damp Pakistani summer made for an uncomfortable shoot for the cast which was composed of veterans of the local film industry as well as some newcomers. That was part of Khan's plan all along, though. "I wanted to use heat, sweat and flies as part of the film," Khan says. "People on the crew were not used to this level of nastiness, which was very exciting for me." The story involves a group of teens who, while on their way to a rock concert, run afoul of a group of psychos reminiscent of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The film is also said to feature the world's first Muslim zombies.

The film's producers are fairly certain, that Zibahkhana will not get past their native country's censors, but they have high hopes of marketing the film elsewhere. That plan seems to be off to a good start as the film has been invited to submit to the Sundance Film Festival with fees waived.

[Via Jo Blo]
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