Director Tim Story's current mood is "productive," in case you were curious. But not just productive, no, productive with a little winky smiley face -- the kind which playfully says "hey, we're buddies, you understand!" I know this because Story just stopped by his old MySpace to drop off a Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer update. Unlike certain other movie creators, Story did not get angry about photos being released from on set (the wedding pictures which have been floating around lately); he just promised there were still a few surprises from the scene which the photos didn't share. He also said he and Michael Chiklis were having "a ball" with The Thing wearing regular old clothing, as Ben Grimm is becoming more comfortable with his monstrous form. The only other news Story dropped before signing off with "peaces" was a quick note on early production stuff from WETA: "Bad a** Ladies and Gentlemen. Trust me - digital is the way to go with this."

Now granted Story is the director, and thus is supposed to say very positive things about his own film, but nonetheless I trust him on this one. Whatever else happens with the film, and regardless of how great or terrible the whole movie turns out, I expect to love the look of the Silver Surfer.
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