Though the paint is still wet on Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj (which, surprisingly hits theaters and not DVD on December 1), star Kal Penn and director Mort Nathan are partnering up once again on another absurd comedy called Under New Management for Bauer Martinez Studio's.

Penn (who just barely beat out one of my good friends for Best Personality back in high school -- a story we've all heard about a thousand times) is probably best known as Kumar in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, but has recently tried on some more dramatic material like The Namesake and Fox's hit show 24. In Management, Penn will play one of two slackers who talk their boss into taking a vacation on a sex cruise, only to turn around and transform the office into one big party. As far as that much-anticipated Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam, Penn is currently trying to hammer out a deal to star.

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