Since it's being directed by an unapologetically geeky horror fanboy, we seem to get lots of mini-reports from the set of what's now being called Hostel: Part 2. Once we accumulate three or four interesting tidbits, we figure it's a good time for another H2 blog-dropping. So, here we go...

Most recent news? Roger Bart has joined the cast. Best known as (far and away) the funniest person in The Producers, Mr. Bart has also been cast in Ridley Scott'sAmerican Gangster, plus I'm told he's been on that Desperate Housewives show. No word on who Roger will be playing in H2, but I'm guessing he ends up as either a torturer or a torturee.

Also, (and I apologize for not remembering which site first broke the news), it seems that Jay Hernandez's sequel-return is impeding. Whether it's a featured role or a gore-soaked cameo remains to be seen, but it'll be nice to see what the survivor is up to.

Lastly, Eli Roth has placed a set photo from H2 on his MySpace page. It's a shot of Roth and Italian actress/producer Edwige Fenech, so there's that. Roth also indicates that he's about 2/3rds of the way through the shoot, which means the flick should have no problem meeting its January release date. If it sounds like I'm a little pumped for Hostel 2, that's only because I liked the first one. So there. Plus this new one has Heather Matarazzo, Bijou Phillips and Lauren German in it. 'Nuff said.
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