Although it's only Thursday, this has already been a full week in the movie world. There have been some shocking casting decisions, "sad" break-ups (Nicky Hilton dumped Kevin Connolly, aka E from 'Entourage') and even a romantic song from the No. 6 most famous man in all of Kazakhstan, Borat himself. Without further ado, here are three buzz-worthy tidbits from La-La Land this week.

Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat

1. Borat -- Sacha Baron Cohen's incendiary, controversy-friendly fictional reporter from Kazakhstan, whose new movie 'Borat' hits theaters Nov. 3 -- has something he would like to say to you: "Please to listen my songs at They are very niiiiiice. You liiike. Sexytime!" The line where he compares a part of his wife's anatomy to that of a seven-year-old in "You Be My Wife" is especially entertaining.

2. John Cusack will star opposite Hilary Duff and his sister Joan Cusack in 'Brand Houser: Stuff Happens,' a dark political satire that finds Cusack playing an assassin assigned to kill a Middle Eastern oil minister. I'm just seriously hoping that neither Hilary nor Joan plays John's love interest.

3. Djimon Hounsou, known for appearing in such Oscar fodder as 'In America,''Gladiator,''Amistad' and the upcoming 'The Blood Diamond,' has signed on to play the lead role in the poorly named drama 'The Trunk,' about an aspiring concert pianist who tries to escape theghetto and the "friends" who try to keep him there. While Housou's taste in films is usually pretty good, the title on this one is cringe-worthy. I look forward to the inevitable "Junk in the 'Trunk'" review headlines should the film turn out to be bad.

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