I wrote the above headline because it allowed me to picture a pile of burning Adam Sandler DVDs in my head. I know a lot of people like Sandler. Enough people to sit Click on the top of box office charts when it skipped into theaters, and now enough people to help it kick Little Mermaidand X-Men: The Last Stand down a notch and claim the number one spot on DVD sales and rentals for the week. But the man drives me nuts, and it baffles me every time he makes another big seller. There's only so long a grown man can talk like a seven year old before it ceases being funny and becomes irritating -- about ten minutes, really. But for Sandler, ten minutes has been more like ten movies.

Look, I'm not ragging on you if you happen to be a Sandler fan. Heaven knows you all could mock me for the rest of my life about some of the stupid movies I love. We all enjoy different things, and that's why there are different actors and different movies. I just wish there weren't so many of you who love this guy in particular, because he's driving me up a wall. I swear he's been the same character in the same movie for five dozen films now. But hey, if it makes you feel any better -- I really liked The Brothers Grimm, and own it on DVD. You can use the comments to rip into me, because I have no excuse.