Okay, I have a question for anyone who has ever attended a test screening: When they give out those survey cards at the beginning of the film, is it mentioned anywhere that upon leaving the screening you must immediately write up a review and send it to AICN? Now, the last test screening I attended (The Brothers Grimm about two years ago), there was nothing about AICN anywhere on the card. Maybe things have changed since then? Or maybe AICN secretly has thousands of people working for them? Conspiracy? I think maybe.

Anyway, it looks like the latest Hannibal Lector film, Hannibal Rising, is beginning the test screening process and, whaddya know, someone saw the film and wrote to AICN with a mini review. And, whaddya know, they absolutely loved the freaking thing. I mean, "We were riveted from the start to the finish" sounds pretty positive, don't ya think? For those of you who fell off the Lector train following Brett Ratner's horrific Mahnunter remake, Red Dragon (and I don't blame you), the cannibalistic serial killer is back ... and this time he's a kid! That's right, they're going all retro Hannibal with this one, beginning with the death of his parents during World War II and ending right before he's captured by FBI agent Will Graham (see: Manhunter and Red Dragon). The review doesn't give too much away, but beware -- there are a few spoilers.

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. On one hand, this is the first Hannibal-related film that novelist Thomas Harris has adapted himself, and so that could either be very good or very bad (I'm leaning toward the former). However, there's no Anthony Hopkins and we have a director (Peter Webber) helming only his second feature film. What do you think about another Hannibal film? Has the franchise run its course, or is there still more of a story to tell?

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