Geek news culled from the great harvest of the internet while I was watching Angry Beavers reruns:

  • It just wouldn't be a Geek Bytes without some new eye candy from 300, now would it? Okay, maybe it would, but it wouldn't be a good Geek Bytes. Swing by CanMag for a new 300 video journal showcasing some of the creatures which will appear in the film. As always, be warned: viewing the material will only make you more hungry for the full film.
  • Speaking of movies we love to talk about, Sci Fi Wire has a new chat with director Chris Nolan in which he breaks down the structure of The Prestige. As always, Nolan is entertaining and instructive.
  • Still at Sci Fi Wire, Henry Czerny says his new horror/comedy Fido is "the thinking man's zombie movie." I only point this out because there seems to be an irony there, what with zombies loving to eat brains and all. Zombies would feast on the thinking men who watch this film.
  • Looking for some classic Transformers action? Dig the 20th anniversary DVD website, where they're offering some new downloads. (via Comics2Film)
  • For those of you who share Cinematical's love of all things Muppet, you may want to know they've released a new CD of Christmas music this week. Yeah, yeah, it is way to early for Christmas ... but it features new music from Rowlf the Dog and Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem -- characters who have been sadly silent since the passing of Jim Henson. Familiar muppeteer Bill Barretta has worked long and hard on the voices, so it oughta be interesting to hear what he has to say.
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