Remember when news of Terminator 3 broke? Nobody was quite sure if they should be happy for it, or worried about it ruining the franchise. As it turned out, it was a nice installment in the sci-fi franchise and pulled a more impressive box office take than many had predicted. Of course when this happened, we all knew Terminator 4 was a carved-in-stone deal -- Hollywood gets every last mile they can out of franchises these days -- and sure enough, news of another film followed quickly thereafter. The big question was "what about Arnold?" After all, the star of the series went and became Governor of the world's fifth largest economy during the downtime between movies; one would expect running such a thing would leave one with precious little down time.

The Governator agreed with this assessment, saying his movie career would be all but dead (he'd be willing to do spot cameos and the like from time to time) for the duration of his service. But he continued to insist he'd do some work on Terminator 4. As of right now it looks like his other job isn't going anywhere for awhile, so just how does he plan to make another film? Well ... he doesn't, at least not according to co-writer Michael Ferris, who recently said "'Terminator 3 kind of closed the book on Schwarzenegger, as did his gubernatorial career." While I continue to be intrigued by a movie about the post-apocalyptic future of the Terminator world, something just feels wrong about a Terminator movie without ... you know, the original Terminator. What say you -- can the series survive without the man himself?
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