Odds and ends from Wednesday:

  • Okay, we've seen stories about young men trying to escape the ghetto to follow their dreams and make something of themselves, but this one definitely takes the cake as far as originality goes. Djimon Hounsou is set to star in The Trunk, a film that finds him playing an aspiring pianist whose jealous friends attempt to keep him from leaving the ghetto for whatever selfish reasons they have. Personally, I feel Hounsou is an underrated actor who always chooses dynamite roles (okay, we'll make believe Biker Boyz never happened), so I'm curious to see what he does playing a ghetto-fabulous pianist.
  • Normally I wouldn't pay much attention to Pamela Anderson and the crummy roles she takes on, but according to Hollywood North Report, she's making a movie with, um, Bob Clark. Sure, Clark is the man behind Porky's(so we know he's just a bit perverse), but he's also the dude who directed A Christmas Story, Black Christmas(the original) and Baby Geniuses. Can anyone have a more eclectic career than this guy? I seriously doubt it. Anyway, the name of the film is Blonde and Blonder and, though there's no plot description, I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's kind of likeDumb and Dumber ... but with blondes. [via Moviehole]
  • For those of you fanatical Tim Burton fans out there, AICN chief Harry Knowles recently conducted a fantastic interview with the man, and the two talked about everything from Sweeney Todd to Vincent Price. As far as Sweeney Todd goes, Burton didn't rule out using the always fabulous Christopher Lee in a small role, and on whether or not Danny Elfman would be involved, he said, "I've talked to him, but I just don't ... My relationship with Danny now ... I don't think I'd ask him to do that just because it wouldn't be using him to what his great talents are. He's busy at the moment, so I think... I mean, he's very supportive of me and that's great, but it wouldn't utilize his talents very well." There's much much more where that came from, so feel free to head on over there and check it out.
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