When MTV wants to cover a natural disaster like a Tsunami or a man-made disaster like the Iraq war, nine times out of ten they're sending Gideon Yago to the scene. If you've ever caught one of the music station's True Life documentaries, then most of the time that voice-over you hear is provided by Yago. He's everywhere you don't want to be, except now he's in a spot most people only dream about traveling to. That's right, MTV's Golden Boy has sold his first script, Underdog, to Focus Features.

Naturally, the storyline covers familiar ground for Yago, as it revolves around two soldiers who return home from Iraq. Quite fitting seeing as next week's True Life episode, one in which Yago narrated the opening, covers the very same topic -- young soldiers returning home to a life they barely remember. While I'm sure the script is partly based off the many stories Yago encountered during his visits with soldiers, it appears as if the actual story is fictional: One soldier returns home in disgrace, while his best friend comes back a hero. However, that's just on the surface -- dig a little deeper and the real truth may be a bit harder to digest.

How do you MTV nuts feel about this? Do you think Yago has a good voice for this kind of material?

[via indieWIRE]

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