The versatile Andy Serkis, known mostly for playing characters such as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy or King Kong in, well, King Kong, can now add voice actor, writer and director to his growing list of credits. Serkis recently told Sci-Fi Wire that even though he has been busy as an actor with other projects, like the upcoming The Prestige and the action-adventure Stormbreaker, he also found time to work on the story and direct some of the sequences for an upcoming animated video game for Playstation 3 called Heavenly Sword. The story of Heavenly Sword centers around a warrior named Nariko who, when her village is attacked, takes up the fight against an evil king and his army using the Heavenly Sword.

Serkis was approached last year by the game's producer, Ninja Theory, and was asked to work with them on the game. After taking a look at Ninja Theory's concept art for the game and talking over the other elements like the story and the technology to be used for the game, Serkis was very interested in coming aboard but felt that there was one big problem -- performance. "They approached me, and I thought that there was a real gap between concept art and the look of it and the technology and actually the performance. Well, there is a real appetite out there for games now with performance," said Serkis in the article.

How would he solve this problem and help bring the game to a higher level of performance? By helping to script the game and directing the motion capture sessions. "We went back to New Zealand, and we rehearsed it, and then we shot all the motion capture. I directed all the performances for that game," said Serkis in the article. He also found time to voice several of the characters in the game as well as participate in front of the camera during the motion capture shoot by doing many of the motion capture movements for characters himself.

Heavenly Sword the video game should be coming out around the same time as the Playstaton 3. When Heavenly Sword the movie will be coming out is anyone's guess.

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