Remember the other day when I reported that Diary of the Dead was moving forward despite previous reports that the production would be delayed because of director George Romero's health? Sure you do; if not click here. Anyway, there's finally some casting news. Apparently Romero likes the idea of having a familiar face around; Shawn Roberts, who played Mike in Romero's long awaited and crushingly disappointing 2005 film Land of the Dead. Roberts also had the life nearly sucked out of him by Anna Paquin when he played Rogue's boyfriend in X-Men, and he's also got several other horror flicks on the verge of release including Stir of Echoes: The Dead Speak, a werewolf movie called Skinwalkers, and Left For Dead, which apparently involves frat boys and a machete wielding maniac. Fun!

But it doesn't stop there. Hot on the heels of Variety reporting Roberts' involvement comes news from Dread Central that he will be joined by Joshua Close (from The Exorcism of Emily Rose and a pretty neat Dawn of the Deadknockoff called The Plague), Michelle Morgan (Alien Fire), Jon Dinicol (from Weirdsvilleand The Virgin Suicides), Phillip Riccio (Rent-A-Goallie), and Scott Wentworth (Elizabeth Rex). No big names here, but certainly a better known cast than The Blair Witch Project, to which this film has often been compared. Romero is, of course, the creator of the modern zombie movie, with his zombie tetralogy sporting a 50% success rate in my book. Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead are bona fide horror classics, and while Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead have their admirers, I am not one of them. Although I've seen conflicting reports, the Dread Central story indicates that this film will not take place in the universe established in the previous films, making Diary of the Dead a sort of zombie reboot. Diary of the Dead, which started shooting this week in Toronto, marks a return to independent film making for Romero, and I'm very interested to see where it takes him.

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