Okay, so a couple of interesting little moves have been made by the folks behind Live Free or Die Hard (aka Die Hard 4). First off, it appears as if Jeffrey Wright will not be playing the main villain in the franchise's fourth installment. Instead, that role has gone to Timothy Olyphant who, according to the Hollywood Reporter, will play John McClane's (Bruce Willis) nemesis. Now, there's still a chance Wright might play some sort of mastermind behind the whole "computer virus takes over the world" plan, but that remains to be seen. Personally, I wish they would have gone with Wright. Olyphant? Eh?

Also, early rumors suggested McClane's daughter would have a major role in the flick and -- gasp -- Jessica Simpson was rumored to be circling the role. Things soon changed, and suddenly it was McClane's son. However, when Justin Long was cast as McClane's sidekick, we figured producers decided to scrap the offspring idea and instead have Willis pair up with someone a lot younger than he is. Guess what -- McClane's daughter will indeed be in the film, and hottie Mary Elizabeth Winstead has nabbed the part. Phew. Thank God it wasn't Simpson. Production on the sequel is currently in full swing, with Live Free or Die Hard scheduled to crash into theaters next summer.

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