Geek news of the day I stumbled across while reading issue 107 of The Thunderbolts*:

  • Apparently, somebody still loves Bucky O'Hare, which manages to be one of the few comics/cartoons from the 80s and early 90s that I feel absolutely no nostalgia about. Creator Neal Adams has launched Buzzworthy, a production company which will handle the new CGI treatment. CGI Bucky, anyone?
  • I know you're already scanning this thing looking for news on that new Frank Miller movie. I won't disappoint today -- Yahoo! presents twelve pretty new 300 stills!
  • Newsorama says Joker co-creator Jerry Robinson has been talking about being a consultant on the new film. Head here for details.
  • Did you know there were two Nolans writing the script for The Dark Knight? Yeah, I sometimes forget about the other one, too, even though he helped on both Prestige and Memento. But today, Sci Fi Wire takes a break from Chris and has a chat with brother Jonathan instead. For another perspective on the Knight script, you can dig their confab.

*I love the title line "Justice, Like Lightning...The Thunderbolts!" It never gets old.
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