Here's a bit a movie trivia for ya (and before I ask the question, keep in mind I don't even know the answer): When was the last time a novelist adapted their own book and subsequently directed the feature film version of said book? While you won't win anything for answering the question correctly, it should give you something to ponder while I tell you about the following story.

Kelly Preston and Michelle Trachtenberg have signed on to star in The Possibility of Fireflies, based off the book by Dominique Paul. Story revolves around a single mother (Preston) who struggles to raise her two daughters (Trachtenberg will play the older one) alone after her husband abandons the family. Paul will also make her directorial debut on the film, which will begin shooting in South Carolina this January. Preston is hot lately, having also signed on to star opposite Kevin Bacon in the thriller Death Sentence. Speaking of hot, remember her in Jerry Maguire? Yum.

Oh, did you get the answer to that question yet?

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