Yesterday, Cinematical's own Mark Beall went off on Adam Sandler a bit, going so far as to say, "there's only so long a grown man can talk like a seven year old before it ceases being funny and becomes irritating -- about ten minutes, really." While I expected a bunch of you to immediately jump all over Mark, surprisingly, most agreed with his opinion. You're tired of Sandler's shtick, and some probably wish he would use that mysterious remote control found in Click to just turn himself off.

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen anytime soon, as Sandler's Happy Madison will help produce and adapt Dan Zevin's memoir The Day I Turned Uncool: Confessions of a Reluctant Grown-Up for Paramount Pictures. And, of course, folks are leaning towards shoving Sandler into the lead role. Through 24 chapters (dubbed confessions), memoir chronicles one man's slow journey into adulthood. One reviewer described Uncool as taking a "sentimental first-person approach to suburban adult dilemmas such as wine tastings, lawn care, the starter home and the contrast between the freewheeling college semester abroad and the fearful, sensible 30-something European vacation."

Seeing as I sort of enjoyed Sandler's performance in Spanglish and loved him in Punch Drunk Love, I know the dude has it in him to really entertain us -- ya know, if he stops putting himself in such cheesy roles. This particular project sounds like a lot of fun, and it could potentially be a great starring vehicle for Sandler, assuming he doesn't twist it around and go the silly route. What do you think? Does the guy deserve another chance.

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