Dimension Films -- they're the ones responsible for not only Scary Movie's distribution but, through Miramax, were the home for Sin City and the upcoming B-Movie love fest Grindhouse. Variety reports Dimension is trying to bring back the "erotic thriller"-- cue cheesy porn music here -- and so they've gone and picked up The Boathouse, a supernatural thriller with plenty of sex to keep butts in the seats, hoping to do for this genre what they did for horror in the 90's.

The film centers on a mysterious girl whose new boyfriend learns of her "suspicious" romantic past -- cue ominous music here -- and will be produced by Forthcoming Productions' Ehren Kruger and Daniel Bobker. Kruger, who is excited about the project breaking new ground, said The Boathouse is a "standout horror story, a scary film that explores sexual seduction in a way that the genre rarely braves to do." What? You mean, no gratuitous shower scenes? Attached to direct is Iain Softley (The Skeleton Key), who is currently working on Inkheart. Personally, I've always found sexy and scary to be somewhat of an odd mix for a movie, and rarely is the combo pulled off effectively. What are some of your favorite flicks that are both sexy and scary?

[via ComingSoon.net]

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