It's an exciting time for those of you who are fans of Finding Nemo and/or Walt Disney World, as the popular animated film is getting ready to follow in the footsteps of flicks like Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan and The Lion King by turning its magical underwater environment into a fabulous-looking staged musical. However, unlike the other three, it will only play exclusively within Disney World's Animal Kingdom and not on Broadway.

Finding Nemo: The Musical marks the first Pixar film and non-musical animated feature to be adapted for the stage and presented to a live audience. The show itself is a half hour long and features a host of original songs by Robert Lopez, co-composer-creator of Avenue Q. (Yeah, something tells me the song Everyone's A Little Bit Racist will not be included here.) A slew of pics from the show (which begins its preview performances on November 12, before its official opening this January) have just arrived online for all you Disney freaks to check out and gush over. Time to start planning that Disney World vacation mom and dad.

[via Upcoming Pixar]

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