Like it or not, folks, it is beginning to look like the long- rumored and much-debated Indiana Jones 4 is heading towards some sort of reality. Not only have mega-powers George Lucas and Steven Spielberg been increasingly vocal in talking about the project, star Harrison Ford is starting to get in on the conversation as well. At the recent Rome Film Fest, Ford declared himself "fit to continue and bring the same physical action" to the franchise, and excited to return to the character. He also indicated the possible return of co-star Sean Connery, saying "He's part of the emotional fabric of these films. I think there may be an opportunity, I believe that Sean is still willing and I'd be delighted if he joined us."

One can see why Harrison Ford may be interested in this film despite its dubious merits. Not only is Indiana Jones one of Ford's most famous and well-beloved characters, but the man has also been experiencing something of a box office slump this past ... well, decade or so. Although it may be something of a risk to bring the franchise back to life, Ford's career really isn't in danger of tanking further, and it isn't like the guy really needs the money at this stage in his career. If he wants to revitalize himself he's going to need to take a risk or two somewhere -- but is this the right risk to take?
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