Sure, The DaVinci Code may have not have been the gangbuster that was promised. There were some protests, there were some cries of blasphemy ... but really it was just kind of a dud. Money was to be made, however, and it looks like there is at least some residual "Dan Brown"-ish material left lurking in development.

Variety has announced that Miramax has optioned The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece by Jonathan Harr. This non-fiction book follows the search for the painting "The Taking of the Christ" a masterpiece assumed to be lost but was found in an Irish monastery. The book alsocovers the career and times of the painter Caravaggio, who was a bit of a bad boy in the art world. Christopher Monger will adapt the screenplay but there is no word on a star or director yet.
The movie plans on taking a more forensic route to art history, as opposed to The Da Vinci Code's conspiracy-mongering. ...

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