How long have we been talking about Star Trek XI rumors? The plot has changed a dozen times in rumor-land, and likewise the writers, stars, etc. However, we've recently settled on one more-or-less agreed upon plot for rumor mongers, and it looks like the long sought-after green light might finally be flickering on. Is this a good thing? Well ... who knows, really. But good or not, here it comes. IGN Filmforce says that while the project is still officially "on the drawing board," Paramount is starting to turn a greedy loving eye on the franchise. An industry source has reported "Although it hasn't been green-lit yet, it is as close as you get around here." The film is expected to become official in December or January, and is likely to turn into a summer 2008 "tent pole" flick. (Nobody tell George Lucas, okay? We all know how he feels about tent poles these days.) The basic details remain the same -- J.J. Abrams is still attached to produce, and the plot is expected to revolve around a young Kirk-Spock combination, with possibly McCoy and Scotty as well.

We've been over this before, and opinions are all over the map. But now that we're staring down the barrel of a new Trek flick, what are you true fans really thinking?
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