For a good long while there it looked like horror master Clive Barker was going to escape unscathed from the Remake Renaissance that's been plaguing the planet for the past several years ... but nope. Looks like the celebrated author / artist / filmmaker has been bitten by the re-do bug; he'll be penning the screenplay for a Hellraiser remake for good ol' Bob Weinstein.

Over at his official website, Mr. Barker seems quite pleased with the fact that he'll be writing and producing (but not directing) this new-fangled vision of Pinhead's wrath -- but someone should have reminded Clive that the Weinsteins don't always treat their genre flicks with the greatest respect. (Just ask the guys who (finally) got their Feast released ... on the one-weekend midnight-only circuit.)

Ah well, I suppose it could have been worse. Somene might have gone ahead and remade Hellraiser completely without Barker's involvement ... and that would have been a fiasco. (Rent a few of the sequels and you'll see what I mean.) Meanwhile, that movie version of Midnight Meat Train is still stuck in limbo somewhere, which sucks because it's one of CB's most wonderfully splattery stories.

But really, wouldn't Rawhead Rex be better suited for the remake treatment? Hellraiser is already good movie!
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