I don't know about you, but the very idea of seeing Simon Pegg doing an American accent in a murder-heavy black comedy is enough to get me psyched to buy a ticket -- even if Peggy's co-star IS the generally uninteresting David Schwimmer. The flick at hand is Big Nothing, the sophomore effort from Jean-Baptiste Andrea, the man who gave us horror fans the surprisingly entertaining off-the-radar flick called Dead End.

Pegg and Schwimmer play a pair of tech support losers who, upon losing their dead-end jobs, hatch an elaborate scheme that goes wildly out of control when death makes the scene. Also along for the ride are Jon Polito, Mimi Rogers, Natascha McElhone and an adorable newcomer called Alice Eve. I'm not even sure if the flick has a U.S. distributor just yet, but the new trailer indicates that, yes, this is the type of movie that Scott generally enjoys. (Yes, I was the one who loved Very Bad Things AND The Ice Harvest.)

Either way, the novelty of seeing Simon Pegg playing an American is enough to separate me from my ten bucks; the guy's just that damn funny, plus I need a little Pegg infusion while I'm waiting to enjoy the inevitably hilarious Hot Fuzz.
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