These days, it seems every other comedy floating around Hollywood has Judd Apatow's name attached in some way, shape or form. Now, the man (who I like to dub "the comedy messiah") has dipped into some discretionary funds to pick upThe Middle Child, based off a pitch from up-and-comer Jonah Hill (Accepted).

Pic, which will be written by and star Hill, revolves around a kid who discovers that his parents gave up a child for adoption before he was born. When the long-lost child returns years later, our hero suddenly finds himself acquiring "middle child" status, neglected by mom and dad who are absolutely stoked about their new arrival. The story is somewhat based on Hill's own experiences, in which he became a middle child a bit later on in life. With roles in The 40 Year-Old Virgin and the upcoming comedies Knocked Up and Superbad, it appears Apatow is grooming Hill to become his next Seth Rogan ... even though most people still have no idea who Rogan is. Says Hill, "I think of Judd as my mentor, and him and I have very similar tastes. It's a sense of humor very much based in reality, with characters that you see in real life." Hey, when is Apatow going to make a movie about those annoying people who stop you in the street and ask if they can buy a cigarette off you? Do I look like a street vendor? Buy your own damn cigarettes!

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