Welcome to yet another edition of Cinematical's podcast, Coming Distractions. As ever, I'm your host, Cinematical editor-in-chief James Rocchi, and this week's guest co-host is Lisa Rosman of Flavorpill. Lisa and I talk about a whole lot of everything this week -- from Marie Antoinette to Halo, The Departed to The Road to Guantanamo -- as well as longing for the old-school B-movie, watching movies during wartime and much more. Also, this edition comes with free stuff -- be one of the first five people to mail james.rocchi AT cinematical.com with the answer to our trivia question, and you'll win a Cinematical t-shirt. All you have to do is answer this question: Name the director Lisa Rosman mistakenly thinks directed King of New York. That's all you have to know; the answer's within the podcast -- and you'll get one of our lovely orange Cinematical T-shirts. You can download the whole podcast right here, and, as ever, let us know what you'd like more of -- or anything you think we should be talking about!

(Music: "Overdose," Dumb.)