Personally, I don't blame Fox and Universal one bit for pulling out on the Halo flick. Seriously now, a $200 million budget for a video game adaptation in the hands of a first-time director? They don't need a psychic on the payroll in order to see that those two ingredients alone make up the perfect box office suicide mission. Hmm, I wonder how many times the name Doom came up in conversation. Heh, probably in more ways than one.

Look, no one is arguing the fact that Halo is one very successful video game. That's obvious. But why on earth would you pour that much money into a film that's geared toward a certain type of audience, mainly people who play the game? Furthermore, would those same people actually spend the time and money to actually step away from the game to see the movie? I think part of the problem with video game adaptations is that fans like to feel as if they're in control of these worlds, not Hollywood. And so more often than not, the movie takes a little something away from the gaming experience. Especially if it sucks. Heck, you can throw Peter Jackson's name around more times than a dollar bill at an exotic dancers convention -- fact is, he's not directing the flick. Also, where's the female audience here? Oh, that's right -- there is none.

Will Halo: The Movie become a reality? Microsoft is doing all they can to not scare away every single potential distributor, but unless they get this budget down to around $100 million (and chances are they won't even make that back at the box office), then you can kiss this sucker goodbye.

So, I ask you: Will the film make it to theaters? And, for you hardcore fans, do you even care if a Halo movie exists at all?

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