Good morning movie lovers. It's Sandie here with the weekly box office results.This week, Patricia spiced up her predictions by creating a points system for how to score everyone's picks. If you need a full reminder, just scroll down and read her post, but basically you get one point for every pick that's anywhere in the top five, two points if you guessed the exact placement of anything in the top five, and a bonus point for nailing the top movie. Got it? Great! Here's what Patricia predicted would be in the top five:

  1. The Prestige
  2. Flags of Our Fathers
  3. Flicka
  4. The Departed
  5. The Grudge 2

But the reality is that while all of the above films were in the top five, the box office actually turned out like this:

  1. The Prestige, $14.8 million
  2. The Departed, $13.7 million
  3. Flags of Our Fathers, $10.2 million
  4. Open Season, $8 million
  5. (tie) Flicka, $7.7 million and The Grudge 2, $7.7 million

After several minutes of addition (I confess that this took may way longer than I expected it to), I've determined that the prediction rankings stand as follows:

  1. Patricia -- this week: 10 points/total: 23 points (after 2 weeks)
  2. chrisnbn -- 8 points/19 points (2 weeks)
  3. crzydcguy84 --7 points/15 points (2weeks)
  4. zsxxx03 -- 5 points/15 points (2 weeks)
  5. zippylizardhead --10 points (1 week)
  6. jecmen24 -- 7 points (1 week)
  7. mrheenster -- 7 points (1 week)

It's not completely surprising that 'The Prestige' conjured a No. 1 finish after opening in approximately 400 more screens than 'Flags of Our Fathers,' but it's still a bit hard to believe that a Clint Eastwood war drama had to settle for third place behind 'The Departed,' which continues to perform incredibly well after three weeks. Not that 'The Departed' isn't deserving, because it is, but I for one was taken aback. It's not all bad news for Eastwood. His WWII drama could catch on with older audiences, who don't tend to see movies their first weekends out, so I expect it to hold up in coming weeks.

As for 'The Prestige,' this is director Christopher Nolan's second No. 1 opening after last year's blockbuster 'Batman Begins,' which went on to earn $205 million. None of us expects that kind of moolah for a twisty period thriller about rival illusionists, but at least this week the movie cast its spell on moviegoers.

The weekend's other new release, 'Flicka,' failed to live up to family film expectations. It looks like kids would rather see 'Open Season' for a second time than the horse drama for the first. That's ok, Alison Lohman, you can now quietly return to maturer fare, like your body-bearing turn in 'Where the Truth Lies.'

In smaller-film news, Sofia Coppola's quirky period drama 'Marie Antoinette' debuted in less than 900 screens but still made $5.3 million. That means each site scored an average of more than $6,000, a killer amount. By comparison, 'Lost in Translation' in 2003 made only $925,087 its first weekend, so 'Marie' is off to a royally good start.

And that's it for this week. Stay tuned for Patricia's weekly predictions on Friday!

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