I know, proclaiming that motion capture is not a fad is like saying it looks like this whole internet thing is here to stay; a myopic chimpanzee with a concussion could see that. Andy Serkis recently had some interesting things to say to Sci Fi Wire about motion capture in general, and specifically about how it is used in the upcoming Robert Zemekis film Beowulf, though he is not personally involved in that project. According to Serkis, the motion capture work in Beowulf represents the next giant leap in computer assisted acting. "It's actually a really interesting time for actors", said Serkis. "Robert Zemeckis has just made Beowulf with Anthony Hopkins and JohnMalkovich, Ray Winstone and all kinds of high profile and serious actors creating these characters. They are creating the movements. They are creating the personalities, and it's the manifestation of those characters which is being handed over." Serkis feels that motion capture represents new opportunities for actors, and those opportunities will only increase in the future. "I believe that it'll be considered a much, much more dramatic art. Playing characters in video games and [motion-capture] stories will be received through video games more than they are now."

Serkis knows a thing or two about the subject, being probably the highest profile motion capture actor in Hollywood. He gave movement and voice to Gollum in Peter Jackson's Oscar winning adaptation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, then monkeyed around with Jackson again as the title character in King Kong.

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