I may not be a huge Val Kilmer fan, but I will forever praise the man for his Doc Holliday role in the campy western Tombstone. So when I started reading trade stories this morning and kept coming across "Val Kilmer," "West" and "Texas" in the same headlines, I got just a little bit hopeful. I wasn't expecting another Tombstone, but I was thinking I might get another chance to see Kilmer as a snarky pseudo-cowboy.

In fact, the journeyman actor has joined the cast of a "60s indie drama" named A West Texas Children's Story. Like many indie films, the director and writer are the same guy, one Brad Isaacs, who has done a bit of TV writing and some producing here and there thus far in his career. From what I'm given to understand about the plot, it focuses around two kids who take off on a country wide trip in search of excitement, adventure, etc. No word on what part Kilmer is going to play in the sub $5 million budgeted flick. Probably not a flashy, card playing huckleberry, but a guy can hope, right?
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