We all know Hollywood loves those real-life serial killers, what with films like Monster and David Fincher's upcoming Zodiac serving as two of the more recent efforts to bring these horrifying true stories to the big screen. Now, writer Gregory Allen Howard (who's accustomed to bringing real-life sports stories to the screen with credits like Remember the Titans and Ali) is penning a story about how the notorious BTK killer was finally captured. You remember BTK, right? The guy eluded law enforcement for something like thirty years before he was finally linked to a church through a computer disk he sent to a newspaper. The name BTK is an acronym for the way in which he attacked his victims -- bind, torture and kill.

Well, Eric Bana and Terrence Howard have signed on to star in Factor X, a pic which follows the real-life partnership formed between a black counterterrorism expert from Washington (Howard) and a local Wichita police detective (Bana) who dedicated his life to tracking down BTK. The title of the film comes from the way BTK described his motive for murder in the various sadistic letters he sent to police over the years. Ridley Scott will produce through his Scott Free Prods., with the possibility he will also direct. This is one of those stories that absolutely fascinates me, and though this guy was all over the news for months following his capture in 2005, I'm still extremely interested in learning more about the struggle to capture a killer who, for a long long time, was somewhat of a phantom.

Obviously a big Hollywood movie gives this guy more of the attention he always wanted. However, there's a great story here and some fantastic talent that want to tell it. How do you feel about this?

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