Ok, so what's up with Kim Basinger and these "Help! I'm surrounded my thugs and there's no way out!" roles? First there was Cellular, in which she played a housewife who is taken hostage by a group of toughs with only a broken cell phone that dials one number to keep her connected to the outside world. Remember that one? Larry Cohen was going through, what I like to call, his "phone period," having written the screenplay for Phone Booth and the story for Cellular back-to-back.

Basinger has signed on to star in While She Was Out. Pic (which is neither a follow-up to Sandra Bullock's While You Were Sleeping nor a feature film version of the TLC show While You Were Out) revolves around a suburban housewife (Basinger) who finds herself lost in the woods and surrounded by a group of murderous thugs. Now, [cue cheesy closing line] all she has is a toolbox and her will to survive. A toolbox? WTF? Will she start by throwing screwdrivers at these guys? How much you wanna bet Craftsman invested a crap-load of money in product placement? Lifetime warranty baby! This way, if your wrench were to break while you were fighting for your life, simple return it to Sears for a new one. It's that easy. Anyway, Susan Montford is attached to direct and production is scheduled to begin this January.

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