Although I missed it somehow, there were apparently rumors of the new Batman flick filming in Hong Kong floating around the internet a few weeks ago. Speculation has lead to rumors of a "Batman goes to Hong Kong" plot, because speculation isn't kept in check by sanity or anything resembling it. As always, the good folks over at Batman-on-Film are right at the point of the Bat-rumors, and have come through with some clarification. Chris Nolan has indeed been scouting locations in Hong Kong, but worry not -- Batman is not taking his show on the road. An anonymous scooper tells BOF not to expect action in Hong Kong; any exterior set work shot there will likely be used either for areas of Gotham or for flashback purposes.

In other Bat-news, writer Jonah Nolan has revealed that there is "a squad of ninjas" which follows him around ready to cut his throat should he ever reveal even the smallest of plot details. To many of us, this would seem like a serious career danger, but those are the risks you must take if you want to be a famous Hollywood writer, I suppose.
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