Jessica Biel's certainly been stretching her legs recently -- and such nice legs they are, too -- when it comes to her movie roles. Once upon a time, she posed topless on the cover of Gear magazine and battled a serial killer in 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.' But her recent, critically acclaimed performance as a duchess in 'The Illusionist' shows she's ready for more serious fare, as does her upcoming turn as a U.S. soldier in 'Home of the Brave.'

Biel, Curtis "50 Cent" Jacksonand Brian Presley play soldiers stationed in Iraq who face a devastating ambush just before their tour is scheduled to end, with the one and only mother-effing Samuel L. Jackson(no relation to 50 Cent, though wouldn't it be interesting if there were?) co-starring as the doctor serving with their unit. Once home, they all must deal with the emotional trauma of what they endured, as well as with the difficulties of returning to civilian life. Pretty heavy stuff -- but with a cast like that, this ain't no indie documentary, and the movie's bound to generate debate AND waterworks. 'Home of the Brave' opens December 15. In the meantime, we've got two exclusive movie photos, which you can only see right here on Moviefone.

Jessica Biel in Home of the Brave

Curtis Jackson in Home of the Brave

WATCH: See the 'Home of the Brave' trailer

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