It's been three million-dollar days in a row here in San Francisco -- sunny, bright, perfect and pleasant. And I'm insanely grateful -- especially because I get to go see a freaking documentary about suicide in San Francisco tomorrow night called The Bridge. I know that I like to say all the same standard-issue things about gloomy films as the next critic -- not every film has to make you feel good, or intellectually and emotionally challenging material is important or how fortunate to have this opportunity, but also, I mean, come on. Can you imagine any couple saying Hey, honey, after dinner let's jot down to the theater and watch footage of people leaping off the Golden Gate? Or any couple who isn't dressed in, like, black berets? Also opening this week in SF? A film about how in a war on terror, bad police work often makes more terrorists ... and a film about a pedophile priest who's free as a bird. Oh, come on -- If my choices on the big screen are those and Saw III, I'll look at Saw III real serious like. And that's not fair -- Catch a Fire is good and Deliver us From Evil is amazing, but it's just funny to have three tough sells in a row like that all on the same weekend, isn't it?

And the worst thing? The Bridge is press screening at ... The Bridge. For some reason, I find that funny. Which means I'll be stifling laughs like an idiot. And have you thought about entering the Coming Distractions trivia contest to win a Cinematical shirt?

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