Geek news I found while pondering the hole in the toe of my best dress socks:

  • You know the Flickr site with all those Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer wedding pictures? It has been updated yet again with some pictures of the Invisible Woman in action. Well, sort of in action. In poses which suggest action will be added via the magic of special effects. Ignore that man behind the curtain wind machine.
  • Here's a site in a language you probably can't read with a few pictures of some "Transformers movie preview" action figures. Thanks to CBR for bringing this one to attention.
  • You know the deal Marvel signed with Lionsgate for animated features? The one which brought us the two Ultimate Avengers flicks? Their third movie is on the way; you can expect an animated Iron Man flick to land on January 23rd, according to Comics Continuum.
  • Jane Wyatt, known to geeks worldwide as the mother of Dr. Spock from the the original Trek series, has passed away. Unfortunately, none of her family will mourn her passing, as Vulcans experience no emotion.
  • I have found no new images from 300, which I firmly believe to be an impossibility after the last two weeks of daily updates. If you know of any which I missed, drop them off in the comments section so we can get our Frank Miller fix, okay?
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