Ahh, you gotta love viral marketing. While the above video features Jack Black going off on movie and music piracy, ("No cash, no inspiration. No inspiration, no rocket sauce. No rocket sauce, no kick ass rock n' roll music or movies. ...") it's really just a clever way of promoting his new film Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Look, I love Jack Black just as much as the next dude, but does anyone ever take this guy seriously? Oh wait, we're not supposed to take him seriously. Or are we? I'm confused. However, for some odd reason I really want to go see his new movie.

I've never actually listened to Tenacious D's music much (yes, for those not aware, they are a real band), but the flick looks fun. In the pic, Jack Black and Kyle Gass star as, well, themselves (I think) and we follow as they attempt to form the greatest band on the planet by breaking into a rock-and-roll museum to steal a magical guitar pick. Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny opens nationwide on November 22.

[via our good friends from The Digital Music Weblog and AdJab]