Don't worry, Paramount didn't fall down and hurt themselves ... even if Tom Cruise might secretly wish they would. Instead, the studio has added another notch on its bedpost of upcoming projects.

According to Variety (via Sci-Fi Wire), Paramount's specialty division (aka Paramount Vantage) has acquired worldwide rights to the psychological thriller Fracture by Alan McElroy (who also wrote Spawn and The Marine) for producers Mike Macari and Neil Edelstein of, among other things, The Ring and the recent thriller The Invisible.

This Fracture should not be confused with the other Fracture (which I mentioned before) being directed by Gregory Hoblit. That film features Anthony Hopkins as a killer who gets off on a technicality and Ryan Gosling as the DA trying to put him back behind bars. They are not the same film. Instead, the story of this film centers around a desperate man's search for his wife and children after they disappear without a trace into a hospital emergency room. At the moment, this Fracture has no director attached (although it's out to some), a cast or an expected start date.
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