Oh man, I'd love to know how you Trekkies feel about this one. Keep in mind these are only rumors, but apparently Tom Cruise is eager to make a cameo appearance in the next Trek film. Of course, like with most stuff circulating the net, some top secret insider told Canada's TV Guide magazine that Cruise "didn't even need to be begged to appear in it." That's right, Mr. Scientology himself is, not surprisingly, a huge fan of the sci-fi franchise. Imagine that.

As you already know, J.J. Abrams (who's currently tapped to produce and direct Star Trek XI) and Cruise are buddies, having partnered together on the latest installment in the Mission Impossible franchise. Whether or not Cruise will actually make an appearance remains to be seen -- no one else has been cast in the film yet -- though some Trekkies feel he would make a good Starfleet Academy instructor. Hmm, maybe he could tap into the role he would've played in the non-existent Top Gun sequel?

Now, I have to ask: Is this something you Trek fans would get behind? Or, in your opinion, would Cruise's casting just totally destroy the franchise?

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