Looks like super-in-demand (and super-hot) Oscar winner Charlize Theron has her next gig lined up after she finishes with Paul Haggis' In the Valley of Elah and Alan Parker'sThe Ice at the Bottom of the World. According to Variety (via Coming Soon) Theron's gig after those films will be The Battle in Seattle which is being written and directed by Theron fiance, actor and freshmen helmer Stuart Townsend.

Theron's new co-stars in The Battle in Seattle, an ensemble political action drama set against the backdrop of the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting (and riots) in Seattle, are Ray Liotta, Martin Henderson of The Ring and the recent Flyboys, Andre' Benjamin from the recent Idlewild and Woddy Harrelson, who also appeared with Theron in North Country. Also according to Variety, Townsend will be trying to take a somewhat unique approach with his direction and will tell the story of the film from several different interlocking perspectives -- including those of the protesters, politicians, police and some of the delegates.

An interesting idea, and one that may serve the project well. However, not completely original, having been done very well many times in films such as Pulp Fiction, Crash , the upcoming Bobby, directed by Emilio Estevez and most any Robert Altman movie you can think of. Still, the premise sounds interesting and Theron has a talent for picking good, relevant material like Monster and North Country, so this might amount to something in the end. Plus, did I mention that Theron is super-hot? Let's not forget that.

The Battle in Seattle is expected to begin filming in November. No other casting news or a release date as of yet.

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