In an effort to expand and prove they can now roll with the big boys, THINKFilm was bought by film financier and producer David Bergstein for an undisclosed amount of money. (Yeah, that means it was a lot.) Bergstein has been on the move recently, having snatched up Capitol Films (one of Britain's largest film production, financing and sales companies) earlier this month. He then merged Capitol with his own production company, Mobius Pictures.

Says Bergstein, "The collaboration will allow us to pursue our grand vision, including becoming more involved in production, wider releases and rapid expansion." Seeing as THINKFilm has always gone after "interesting" projects, but never really had the dough to move up in the food chain, I'd say this is a pretty sweet deal for them ... IF they stay true to their reputation and continue to pursue films that are often deemed "too controversial" for other major production companies and distributors. While no one from THINKFilm is losing their job because of this sale and (right now) they're still committed to high-quality independent films, one only hopes they remain that way in the future. I'd hate to see films like Shortbus and Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red-Light Kids get the shaft because THINKFilm is now too good for that kind of material. So, what do you, er, think?

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