Wayyy back in 2005, we reported that Dreamworks had picked up the rights to re-make the 1971 action series The Persuaders. The series starred Roger Moore and Tony Curtis as a mismatched pair of crime fighters, with Moore as an uptight Englishman and Curtis as the sassy American; it was genius, right? I mean, imagine the wacky possibilities ... actually, on second thought, don't.

Well, no studio will let even a mediocre TV property go to waste, so here comes The Persuaders (2007). Variety reports that David Dorfman is now attached to write the script for the film version. Dorfman is best known for penning Anger Management and My Bosses' Daughter; which could be considered a pretty dubious distinction.

I've never really seen the point of TV-to-movie adaptations -- I mean, is the idea to improve on the show? If so, the only successful example I can think of was Miami Vice, but most of them are just kind of pointless. You have to wonder what Dreamworks was thinking resurrecting this one.

[via Empire]
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