Sure, the phrase Femme Fatale is a little overused and and her modern descendants are pretty weak, but how can you not love a bad girl? Kathleen Turner in Body Heat was one of the last good femme fatale performances -- Lena Olin and Linda Fiorentino might be two other highlights. Rarely do movie makers really let these characters be as mean and as smart as their classic predecessors without making them into borderline psychopaths.

Warner Bros. has released a "deluxe" edition of Lawrence Kasdan'sBody Heat on DVD; written and directed by Kasdan, it was his attempt to make Double Indemnity. Oddly enough, George Lucas was an uncredited producer on the film -- remember when he used to make movies with actual people in them? The film starred Kathleen Turner and William Hurt and was a bit of a shocker when it hit theaters due to some "enthusiastic" sex scenes between the two stars. Other than that, it has your typical noir plot: pretty lady with a rich husband and the not-so-bright everyman who gets caught up in her scheme. The movie was a respectable homage but really didn't break any new ground; Kathleen Turner was good, but Barbara Stanwyck is better.

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