Before all this CGI nonsense hit the streets, remember how unbelievably awesome it was to watch a film like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Back then, Rabbit dazzled us by blending live-action and animation -- making it seem as if some dude was running around with a cartoon rabbit. Oh, and I know I wasn't the only one who, um, was a bit turned on by Jessica Rabbit. Damn, was she something or what?

Well, Disney is looking to tap back into that feeling a little after picking up Animated American, a film which will mix live-action and animation to "illustrate the difficulty teens experience trying to fit in." Hmm, why does Roger Rabbit sound a whole lot more watchable? In the script (which will be penned by Peter Ackerman), a teen misfit is forced to "find himself" after his girlfriend skips town while he's out at sea. The main character will be animated while the world around him will remain live-action. Wait, so is his girl live-action too? If so, I don't blame her for bailing. As with Roger Rabbit, Robert Zemeckis is involved, but as of now is only producing through ImageMovers along with Landscape Entertainment.

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