By now you've probably heard a little bit about Fox Atomic, the studio's new "youth-friendly" division that promises all sorts of comic books, sequels and remakes for the discerning young entertainment geek. If you head on over to the official Atomic site, say, right now, you'll find your standard trailers, promos, posters and what-not.

But if you head back to the same website on October 31, you'll find it's been overtaken by the Carnival of Lost Souls, which basically means you'll get brand-new access to all sorts of goodies on Atomic's horror slate. Previously unseen materials on Turistas, 28 Weeks Later and The Hills Have Eyes 2 will be yours for the salivating, plus you'll get a lot more info on the (various and numerous) comic book tie-ins for each of these flicks. Interviews, contests, random eye-candy and more will arrive on Halloween, so if horror's your thing (and if you fit into the Atomic demographic, unlike me) you'll definitely want to check out the Carnival on October 31.

Oh yeah, didn't I tell you? They're making sequels to 28 Days Later and The Hills Have Eyes. I could've sworn I mentioned it.
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